Snake Farmer // Jackhammerhead

by Low Man

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released April 9, 2011

Alex Byers - guitar, production, engineering
Evan Flaherty - drums
Luke Rifugiato - guitar
Jeremy Zerbe - bass, vocals



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Low Man Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Low Man is a four-piece stoner punk band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our debut EP, recorded by Jason Jouver at +/- Studios in Pittsburgh and mastered by Carl Saff, is out right now.

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Track Name: Snake Farmer
hey little girl
tell me, what is your name?
you’re young and you’re sweet
and just a little naive
without an ounce of shame
i’ve got some fun
tell me, do you want some?
just a little taste
don’t let any go to waste
oh you’re so sexy and dumb

cuz i'm a
snake farmer
a real charmer
a fast-talkin’, two-faced, slick motherfucker
i’ll bleed ya
and i’ll eat ya
sharp-tooth smilin’, i’m pleased to meet ya
i’m a man who’s hatchin’ plans
i’ve got you wrigglin’ in my hands
no matter where you are, i am
cuz i’m watchin’ you, girl

i’ve got these strings
and they control everything
i just wave my hand
and i can make you dance
you won’t feel a thing
cuz i am a devil
who deals in trouble and pain
i give you the problems
and leave you to solve ‘em
with all this shit in your brain

cuz i'm a
snake farmer
bad karma
don’t look now cuz i’d hate to alarm ya
but you’re knee-deep
and it’s getting steep
the cords are tanglin’ around your feet
i’m the jack who’s pushin’ smack
once you’re here you won’t go back
spend all day paintin’ your veins black
it’s all you can do, girl
Track Name: Jackhammerhead
wake up
strap down
tie off
space out

i don’t need it
i don’t want it
i can’t feel it

it’s eating you alive to keep this monster fed
it grinds your knuckles white and cuts your nails to red
but when it spits you out and you get left for dead
can you pound the nails with your jackhammerhead?

i bleed
you bleed too
fuck me?
well then fuck you

it wears you to the bone, your body feels like lead
but it’s so hard to sleep with how you made your bed
oh, you can handle this--at least that’s what you said
but can you pound the nails with your jackhammerhead?