Low Man [EP]

by Low Man

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Major thanks always to Jason Jouver, Alex Byers, Liz Pavone, Gene Paul Vercammen, Manny Theiner, Bengt Alexander, Justin Gross, Sleepy V, Roz Raskin & The Rice Cakes, Justin Foster, Carly Moroski, Sam Matthews, Mike Budai, Sean Cho, Tony Finoli, Katt Kampo, The Marksmen, Mike Myzak, CDW, and of course, our lord and master, Satan.


released August 14, 2012

Recorded, mixed and produced at +/- Studios in Pittsburgh's South Side in the winter of 2012. Mastered at Saff Mastering in Chicago.

Derek Krystek - drums, vocals
Luke Rifugiato - guitar, vocals
Jeremy Zerbe - bass, guitar, vocals

Gene Paul Vercammen - additional vocals
Ben Greenwood - additional vocals
Bryan Heller - additional vocals
Dan Marchese - additional vocals

Jason Jouver - recording, mixing, production, guitar
Justin Novak - additional engineering, guitar
Carl Saff - mastering



all rights reserved


Low Man Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Low Man is a four-piece stoner punk band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our debut EP, recorded by Jason Jouver at +/- Studios in Pittsburgh and mastered by Carl Saff, is out right now.

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Track Name: Migraine
when will you understand?
i've never loved you, i never have
circles of light, they fall from blue skies
they emanate right through your eyes

i'll never understand the light inside your eyes
but when i'm with you, i feel fine

running through the park at night
running and i feel alright
i'm chasing the shadows
i'm chasing the light, you are my light
Track Name: Golden Dawn
father james, man of god
up that holy mountain clawed
his way to watch the sky turn
drink the blood, and eat the sin
the flavor's weak and the color's thin
but it'll make your eyes burn

it's a beautiful day when we wake up

father james, god of man
you've got these red stains on your hands
and a cold blank stare
god is lost, god is dead
he put two bullets in his head
or was he ever even there?

drink up
it's gonna be a golden dawn today
Track Name: American Literature from 1860
big bad motherfucker rolling
gonna take you on
high and singing, drunk and swinging
sinking like a stone
now you see me on your step
now you know how it can get
now you know what love means to me

give me life, I’ll give you death, i’m sinking like a stone
baby see, it's in your head, it’s what you already know
baby see romance is dead, take it on your own
baby see romance is dead, now i’m taking you home

when you see my coming baby
you're gonna get afraid
just like harvey keitel
better get out of my way
now you see me on your step
now you know how it can get
now you know what love means to me
Track Name: Pay the Bills
hey, it's time to get awake
you got work to do and it might get gritty
but you gotta make the pay
cuz you can't scrape by if you wanna live pretty
girl, you gotta turn it on
you gotta go all in if you wanna break even
you gotta know just whatchu want
cuz you could lose it all if you're caught daydreamin'

you gotta turn it out tonight
(you gotta turn out all the lights)
you're gonna make it feel alright

you gotta walk that walk girl
you're gonna make 'em talk girl
but don't be afraid
everybody's got their ills
it's just a way to pay the bills

how's the burning neon feel?
you've got a sick red glow on your pale white skin
you met the devil, made a deal
you put your money on black cuz you're playing to win
it's not quite what you dreamed
but you've learned to smile and you've learned to fake it
cuz it can get you what you need
so long as you can t-t-t-take it
Track Name: Machine
you are so cold
the fire that burns inside you engulfs my soul
and i am machine metal
blinking lights and halos

i can’t help it i’m a machine
i can’t help it i’m a machine

open up your eyes, you can see that I’m alright
open up your head, I'm not dead

you walk the room and i start thinking
why can't i speak? can't i speak to her?
i move, i creep, i fuck, and i sleep
but in my life i'm moving in reverse

now i'm standing there but i can't make a sound
all in my head, ones and zeros
but i’ll see you tonight on my blue plasma screen
my battery warming up my sheets
Track Name: Roll the River Down
i could live down in the canyon
build a house between the mountains
climb the peaks so i could see
everything that belongs to me

i feel alright
for the first time
i've got a place to hide
so don't come here looking for me

i could live down in the forest
where the trembling river flows
i drink from it, my little secret
where it leads only i know

my body aches
under the waves
it bends and breaks
til there's nothing left of me